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The Best Email Marketing Platforms

Email is alive!

You’ve no doubt heard the chorus of people shouting from the rooftops, “email marketing is dead!”. First of all, that’s a weird thing to shout from a rooftop, like get it together psycho, and secondly, it’s just so far from the truth.

Why Email Marketing Is Important

Email marketing is clutch and if it’s not a tasty piece of your marketing pie, you need to change your recipe. Why?

For starters, everyone and their grandmother use email. Sometimes we use that phrase as an exaggeration but in this case, it’s literal because you know your grandma is out there hitting you up with weird nonsensical chain emails. We digress, the point is 92% of adults use email and 99% check their email every day.



How are you not salivating at those numbers?

Not enough for you though? Hear this:

Email is 40x better (40 times!) at customer acquisition than social media. Pick your jaw up off the floor, there’s more.

Email marketing can generate $38 for every $1 spent. That’s a 3,800% return on investment. Like c’mon.

Lastly, there are 3.9 billion email users around the world, more than any social network!

How does it work though, why is it so effective?

A few key reasons make all the difference. Importantly, people are opting in to receive your emails, in other words, they’re asking to hear from you. They already know they have at least some real interest in what you’re offering. From there, it’s just nailing the offer.

Email gives you the ability to create highly segmented lists and target your messaging precisely to your customer’s wants. Additionally, segmenting allows you to move people along your sales funnel at a different pace. Some groups might take less interaction before they’re willing to buy while others need to be finessed. Email’s got you.

That may seem complicated to do but in reality, all we’re talking about is a few clicks to set parameters. Email marketing is child’s play compared to the complexities that go into print, tv or other forms of digital marketing. What do you need for email? Buyer personas and a copywriter…and ya know, a computer with an internet connection.

Oh, and speaking of complexities, complexities usually don’t come cheap. Email marketing being a simpler affair all around means it’s a wildly affordable option.

Lastly, and this is sort of the icing on the cake, the cherry on top so to speak, it’s dang easy to track your results. How many opened? How many click throughs? Did sales go up? A/B test until the answer to all those, but particularly that last one, makes you happy.

The Best Email Marketing Platforms Your Business Can Use

So, now that you’re well and truly on board the email marketing train (hopefully), it’s time to decide which platform you should go with.

HubSpot – Great end to end solution and an all-around one-stop-shop

Constant Contact – Excellent for small businesses

Mailchimp – Terrific option for small business and agencies with a stellar freemium option

MailerLite – Nice and easy to use

SendinBlue – Another good all arounder with built-in CRM

Campaign Monitor – Solid functionality and a nice choice for small businesses

ActiveCampaign – More skewed to the CRM side of things, it’s a contender to look at

The Snow Agency Are Email Experts

These are just a handful of the many, many options out there available for email marketing. Clearly, this is a pretty quick summary but if your interest is piqued, which it should be, reach out to us at The Snow Agency and tell us what you’re trying to accomplish. Once we have some specifics, we can get you going on the email platform that works best for your business.