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Prestige Labs

We Earned Prestige Labs A 64% Increase In Revenue In Just One Month Of Email/SMS Service


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Overall Revenue



Prestige Labs is a supplement brand formulated by PhDs, trusted by Olympians, and loved by strength professionals everywhere. Fitness guru Alex Hormozi founded the brand after struggling to find a line of supplements free from unnecessary fillers, caffeine, and unnatural ingredients. Therefore, he created Prestige Labs, a line of supplements created and packaged in a GMP-certified facility where quality is ensured.


After a week of strong campaigns netting $2,000 to $4,000 in revenue per-send, and coming down from a very successful Valentine’s Day sale, Prestige Labs wanted to capitalize on a period of unprecedented engagement. Despite its quick rise, the brand had little creative testing, general messaging/design, and poor segmentation. With a few fixes, we knew there was potential for more.


To take advantage of increased traffic, we needed to get creative fast. So, we decided to launch a 24-hour flash sale for a once-in-a-lifetime date, 02/22/2022, just one week after Valentine’s Day Sale. With this sale, we landed Prestige Labs its highest-performing email campaign to date! 

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Our Process

Leveraging Important Dates

Data shows that subscribers respond well to holidays and other notable dates, and 2/2/22 was no exception. We made sure to have a series of promotional campaigns scheduled for the week leading up to 2/2/22 and an offer ready to launch same day.

Optimizing Segments

Before we launched and promoted the discount, we had to make sure we were sending to the right people. Once we analyzed the data from the Valentine’s Day sale and saw which subscribers were most engaged, we segmented them to a master list of people to target with our flash sale. Our mid-day SMS campaign for the flash sale earned over 2k in revenue alone.

Creative Development

To attract repeat buyers from previous sales, we revamped Prestige’s Email/SMS templates with colorful design schemes and more urgent copy. This creative rebrand made previous purchasers excited for new products. In addition, emphasizing urgency in copy generated greater conversions. Our copy team helped secure a staggering 38.3% open rate and over 10k in email revenue

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