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We Helped Saranghae Cut Advertising Costs By 87% In Only 4 Months


Overall Results

Increase in CTR’s


Decrease in CPC’s


Decrease in CPM’s



Saranghae is an authentic brand working to simplify the magic of Korean skincare for North American consumers. Korean skincare is known for being extremely effective but complicated and pricey. Saranghae revolutionized this space with their exclusive ingredients and affordable skincare routines. Their products are easy enough for anyone to use at home and deliver effective results.


Although Saranghae began advertising on Facebook when costs were cheaper and ad policies were less strict, the competition was fierce. Skincare is one of the most saturated markets, so Saranghae was challenged with having some of the highest advertising costs on Facebook. Sky-rocketing CPMs and CPCs posed difficulty for Saranghae to drive clicks and profitable conversions, especially after the release of iOS 14.


We had to develop ways to lower these soaring advertising costs for Saranghae. Our first step was to determine what kind of content was NOT working for the brand, and to our surprise, typical UGC testimonials did not work. So, we had to test new creative formats and angles to see what captured the audience’s attention. And after continuous A/B testing, we struck gold with high-quality image ads leading to advertorial-style landing pages.

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Our Process

Leverage Articles

A popular method of researching skincare is reading articles that compare a few different products on the market. Knowing we were going after a well-informed audience, we sourced an article titled: Top 5 Moisturizers for Women in 2021 from The Daily PostThis article highlighted one of Saranghae’s products and compared it to four other competing products. We ran high-quality image ads by whitelisting The Daily Post’s Facebook page to leverage the article effectively. This ad generated tons of healthy engagement, lowered CPMs and CPCs, and helped position Saranghae’s brand as a leader in the Skincare Industry.

Creative Testing

The optimization didn’t end there. To learn what worked best, we split-tested different aspects of the articles and drew insights from each test. This included split-testing different headlines, images, products, and more. Our excellent Landing Page Department produced multiple versions of compelling ad copy and webpage design that spearheaded our A/B testing strategy. Coupled with audience testing, we narrowed down the ideal target audience and served them the content they loved. In turn, Saranghae’s conversion rate lifted and products were flying off the virtual shelf.

Showcasing Promotions Within Articles

The articles were updated to push specific sitewide promotions while maintaining cheaper advertising costs. The readers were given promotions within the article, such as “For a limited time, we’re giving 25% off exclusively to our readers”. This gave readers a feeling of urgency and flattered them with special access to savings. Keeping our language personal and exclusive was what pushed conversion rate higher while keeping CPMs and CPCs very low.

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