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Don’t Hire a Facebook Marketing Company Until You Read This

Before you go out and hire the first Facebook marketing company you come across, do your due diligence. You’re not simply hiring a marketing company; you’re looking for someone to partner with your business and help you grow into the future.

Facebook Ads is a powerful tool; you just have to know how to use it. We’ve spent nearly a decade identifying the strategies to help ecommerce brands scale more effectively. Our founders, Dan and Jon, used Facebook advertising as an integral part of their strategy when building, scaling and exiting multiple 8-figure businesses like Simply Inked. Read on to learn everything you need to know about hiring a Facebook marketing company to find the right fit for your company.

Why Advertise on Facebook in the First Place?

A lot has changed this year, but Facebook advertising capabilities are still some of the best available to ecommerce businesses. These days, Facebook boasts nearly 2.5 billion monthly active users and about 1.7 billion daily active users — making it the largest social media platform in the world.

Facebook users don’t open the app, scroll for a minute, and then close it for the rest of the day. According to, a typical user spends about one hour on the app every day — giving you plenty of ways to learn about your audience, what they find engaging, and how they see your product as the solution to their problem.

Many people assume they can’t afford to advertise on a platform as big as Facebook because it’s too expensive — not true! Advertising on Facebook can be cost-effective if you know what you’re doing. Facebook’s average cost-per-click, or CPC, is less than $1 a $0.97. Facebook’s average cost-per-thousand-impressions, or CPM, is $7.19. Facebook uses a bidding model for its ads, so the actual cost will depend on various factors.

Facebook Marketing Services - The Snow Agency

Another reason to advertise on Facebook is the simplicity yet effectiveness of Facebook Ads Manager. This system allows you to set campaign budgets and timeframes so you don’t spend more than you want on a campaign. Just set your parameters and let it run. Once you’ve maximized your campaign budget, you won’t get any more placements or incur additional fees.

One of the biggest reasons to advertise on Facebook is its targeting capabilities. Facebook has incredible amounts of data on its users that you can use to target the people who want to see your content. We use signals like interests, income, education, marital status, and parental status in our approach to create audiences before grouping them by engagement level. This strategy reveals powerful insights that lead to more ecommerce conversions for our clients. Facebook also allows you to re-target users who engaged with your content or brand in the past so they’re more likely to make a purchase. Using this information, you can set specific parameters about the people you want to target with your content to get the best results possible.

What Should You Know About Advertising on Facebook?

Facebook marketing can be incredibly profitable once you know what you’re doing. Instead of starting ad campaigns at random only to end up wasting money, be strategic about your Facebook advertisements. Here are a few tips for successfully utilizing Facebook ads and maximizing your ROI:

  • Write the content of the ad strategically. Whether you’re creating your ads or your Facebook ad agency is, paid content needs to show the problem your product addresses and the solution it provides. It should also include a strong call to action that makes it clear to the viewer what they need to do. Do you want them to buy a product? Subscribe to your emails? Download your program? Be clear about how it benefits them, why they need it, what makes your product different, and convey all of this information clearly and succinctly.
  • Build up your Facebook business page: If you’re advertising on Facebook, you need a complete Facebook business page. When users see your advertisement, they can click through to your Facebook page in addition to the ad landing page. You want users to be as impressed by your page as they were by your ad.
    Choose your business category, set a vanity URL, and add relevant business details, including contact information, location, hours, website link, and more. That’s all in addition to the basic steps of creating your page and uploading a profile picture—the more information on your Facebook business page, the better.
  • Plan your posts: This might seem tedious and unnecessary, but your Facebook marketing won’t be very successful without a clear posting strategy and schedule. Monolithic posting and random posting won’t have the desired effect. We recommend consistently posting a variety of content on your page to find the right balance. Keep an eye on the engagement (likes, comments, shares) for each post.
    Consider following the 70-20-10 rule: posting original content 70% of the time, relevant interest content 20% of the time, and self-promotional content 10% of the time. You can even schedule your content to be posted at specific times so you can set it and forget it. The right planning and consideration can make your Facebook marketing strategy more successful.
  • Take advantage of the full range of Facebook: In addition to more well-known features like business pages and paid advertisements, take advantage of other features to contribute to your advertising strategy.
    With Facebook Live, live-stream and engage with followers in real-time. Plan an event with an interesting speaker or host a question and answer session about your new products. Other features to consider include stories, pinned posts, watch parties, and groups.
  • Use eye-catching pictures, colors, and graphics. It’s easy to scroll through Facebook without a second thought. But what makes people stop scrolling to look at your ad? By using exciting visuals, your marketing company increases the likelihood of grabbing and holding the viewer’s attention long enough for them to process the ad’s content.
    One of our favorite examples is our work with Che Natural. Their product was amazing, but their marketing strategies weren’t having the desired effect. Through strategic content and image development, we targeted the ideal demographic to bring them the growth they were looking for.
  • Test your content before launching. Rampant creative testing is a vital part of a good Facebook ad agency process, and your agency should never assume your campaign will be effective without testing it first. You don’t want to find out that something isn’t effective after you’ve spent money. Test beforehand to figure out any glitches or miscommunications.

Why Hire a Facebook Marketing Company?

Facebook Marketing Services - The Snow Agency

Handling your Facebook advertising content can turn into a full-time job you likely don’t have time for. Partnering with a Facebook marketing company allows you to maximize your ad budget while focusing on the other aspects of your business.

Find a trusted partner who’s invested in helping you scale and grow. The right agency can turn your brand into a massive success. We’ve generated over $250 million in revenue for our clients to date and have spent over $75 million across Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms. It’s both our expertise in managing these platforms and our bespoke ad strategies that help our clients connect with their audience and enjoy a highly profitable return on ad spend (or ROAS).

What Should Your Facebook Marketing Company Be Doing for You?

Your Facebook marketing company should make your life easier by handling every step of the process from start to finish. They must be reliable when it comes to identifying your product’s highest-converting audiences, executing Facebook ad campaigns, and providing insightful reporting.

Here’s what our clients receive from us and what you should expect from your Facebook marketing company:

  • Help you decide on your campaign goals to set the overall tone. Driving conversions and finding your most engaged audiences is vital. By setting the goal and tone from the start, you target the right people with the right content and a clear message.
  • Identify the traits of your highest-converting audiences. Facebook’s ability to target specific people based on detailed information thanks to all the data it gathers about its users is extremely helpful. As we mentioned earlier, when you advertise on Facebook you are paying to utilize this information — so use it effectively.
  • Set the proper targeting parameters to effectively engage your target audience. This ensures that your campaigns maximize Facebook’s ability to target people based on age, gender, location, education, and income. That’s what we did for Alpha Clothing Co. By analyzing their existing Facebook followers, we got a good idea of who their followers were, what they were interested in, and what they wanted to see in athleisure clothing. We developed a highly accurate ideal customer profile that got the company lots of exposure amongst fitness-minded individuals looking for high-quality clothing.
    The results speak for themselves. Alpha Clothing Co. boasted a return on advertising spend (ROAS) of 5.08 — meaning they got more than five times more money back in revenue than they invested in advertising.
  • Create content tailored to your goals and your audience. Facebook users see tons of content daily, so make your ad stand out amongst all the noise. What makes your target customers stop scrolling and click on your content? Identifying this and editing an effective creative asset is easier said than done, which is why we have our own creative content studio to produce the video and images that resonate with our client’s various audiences.Facebook Marketing Services - The Snow Agency
  • Monitor and tailor your campaigns for the best results. The campaign has launched, but there’s still work to do. Many people falsely assume advertising only requires work on the front-end. A successful campaign requires continuous work. Sometimes no matter how much testing you put into a campaign, it doesn’t hit the target. Instead of wasting money on an ineffective campaign, a strong Facebook marketing company will identify potential issues in the campaign and address them to improve campaign performance. There’s always room for improvement, and we are constantly looking for ways to improve and optimize your campaign to get you the best results possible.

The Biggest Difference An Agency Makes For You

Facebook advertising has incredible potential for ecommerce businesses, but the wrong agency will have you spending without getting much retu

rn on investment. Look for a Facebook marketing agency that takes the time to get to know you, your brand, and provides a customized Facebook ads strategy. It’s what we do with all our clients, and it’s what your business deserves.

We provide a free consultation to discuss your current Facebook ad approach, get to know your brand, and show you how Facebook advertising can transform your brand. Interested? Contact us to get your consultation.


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