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The Best Ways to Market A Small Business

Your product or service isn’t going to sell itself. Doesn’t matter how revolutionary it is or how great and life-changing it may be, you’re going to have to get out there to tell people about it.

That said, we get it, there is a lot of noise out there. A lot of businesses – big and small – competing for the same people. It’s loud. Very loud. So how do you cut through that and make sure you’re able to get yourself in front of the people who really do want what you’re offering?

Marketing, of course.

You’re probably thinking, I’m a small fish in a big pond, how does that even work? How can I make a sound?

Is Marketing for Small Businesses Different Than Large Businesses?

First of all, you’re not a fish and fish don’t make sounds (we think) so that was a weird mixed analogy/metaphor…there is a point though. Marketing for small businesses is different from marketing for large ones in some key ways.

A large business will, in most cases, have an entire marketing department that’s devoted to spreading the gospel of the brand. They’ll typically have more product and service offerings as well and therefore, in the main, will have a significantly larger budget for their marketing.

On the contrary, in a small business, you might be your marketing department (and your sales, accounting, HR, etc. departments too) and your budget will certainly be smaller.

But, and this is a big but, BUT, you have the advantage of knowing your product or service more intimately and of understanding who your target customer is more precisely. Why? Because you live and breathe it. You are zero steps removed from it like those in the marketing department at a huge multi-national might be.

Plus, and it may have been said a million times, the internet has truly leveled the playing field when it comes to marketing.

4 of the Best Ways to Market a Small Business

Facebook Ads/Social Media

We could’ve just said social media ads in general however Facebook Ads deserve a special shout out. As the largest social network on the planet, more than 3 million businesses use it to connect with their customers. Facebook Ads allow for hyper-specific targeting and are extremely cost-effective.

Ultimately though, which platform you go heaviest on is dictated by your customers. If they skew younger, for example, you might want to be on Snapchat and TikTok in addition to Facebook.

Email Marketing

It might feel old-timey, but email is always in style. It’s timeless. And the best part is that with email marketing, your audience is literally giving you their contact information and asking you to communicate with them, how great is that?!

Almost everyone checks their email daily and coupling that with the fact that it’s opt in, it’ll come as no surprise that the ROI for email is through the roof. Email marketing generates $38 for every $1 spent

Content Marketing

We had to include this one, you know why? Because you’re reading content marketing right now. We think this information, this content, is valuable to you as a business owner and marketer so we’re giving it to you for free in this blog. 

That’s what content marketing is all about. Creating and distributing value (and if you like what you read and need help implementing a strategy of your own, then go ahead and give us a call ????)

Content is more than blogs though, it can be videos, courses, podcasts and more.

Free Consultation 

Everyone likes free.

Offering a free consultation allows you to present yourself as an authority in your space. An expert. If you’re able to get people on the phone and can compellingly demonstrate your abilities, you can turn consultations into a strong lead generating tactic and a powerful tool for closing.

Reach Out to the Snow Agency Today

This was just a small sample of some of the best ways to market a small business. There are so many more great methods of getting the word out about your products/services out there and creating the best marketing strategy depends on what your business is and whom you’re trying to reach. If you’re having trouble finding what works best, give us a call at The Snow Agency and let’s get you heard.